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Beach Antics || Muffy and Kathy


Kathy carefully examined her reflection in the mirror. Yes, she was still looking good. Well, at least good enough for her to wear her favorite bikini without any regrets. She made a mental note to step up her exercise routine. She’d been slacking recently. She put on a light shirt, grabbed her bag, and went out the door.

A few minutes later, she was settled out on the beach. The nice thing about Castanet was that the beach never was too crowded, even during tourist season. In fact, she only saw one other person around. After spreading out her towel, she waved.

"Hey there! Nice beach day, right?"

Bubbly white clouds drifted lazily across the crisp sky that swaddled Harmonica Town, the sandy strips that surrounded it and of course the dock where a petite figure stood, pink duffel bag in hand. Griffin had insisted that Muffy take some vacation time this week, on account that her year’s worth hadn’t been spent yet, and her 3 year anniversary of working at the Blue Bar was coming up quickly. He practically pushed her out of the front door this morning, handing her a boat ticket to somewhere called Castanet.

Well, apparently this is it. None too shabby~ Good choice, Griffin. 

The sea breeze coming off the water danced with her white sundress, luring her in off the docks. She supposed that she might want a room for the night, or maybe something to eat for lunch… but the day was just too beautiful to not spend outside! She wasn’t quite ready to explore the rest of the town, yet, she just needed a moment to feel the sand between her toes.

Kicking off her sandals, she buried her feet in the hot sand as she walked down the dunes toward the water. She had barely even noticed the other beach-goer there. Maybe she was another tourist? Muffy waved back, feeling welcome by the greeting.

"Totally!" She replied back, lifting the designer sunglasses over her eyes so that she could see the woman more clearly. "It’s gorgeous today~"

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Sun Kissed ♥ Open

The bright July sun spilled over the small strip of shore that lined Forget Me Not Valley, and glinted off of a pair of over-sized designer sunglasses. Beachy curls were gathered up into a huge bun to keep the heat off her neck as Muffy soaked up the rays, listening to a pop song play off of a mix tape in her tiny portable radio (painted pink for effect). 

Her warm skin was shimmery from the sunscreen, and she was pleased with the tan she had been slowly building up over the summer. At the moment, though, she couldn’t be bothered with anything.(Besides maybe some ice cream) She was enjoying this too much~

Laying in the heat was so relaxing that she had almost nodded off completely, her face buried into the plush towel. The sifting sound of someone tromping through the sand forced her to lift her head to get a peek at whoever was coming down, hardly anyone visited the beach here besides her. Lifting the sunglasses from her face revealed two sparkling green eyes that peered at the stranger from underneath long painted eyelashes.

She offered a friendly wave and a dazzling smile. 

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